MISSION: Make user-friendly and addictive music products so more people more often enjoy the pleasures and benefits of playing music.



Finally a smart-listening jamming app that let's you play your songs, your way, hands-free.

JamBox. Your songs. Your pace. Hands-free!

Free/premium app (coming Winter 2024).


Turn on and start jamming in less than 5 seconds!

Coming later (2024)


Booklet series of high-quality melodically-spaced out chords and lyrics guitar tabs of popular songs.

Free PDF • Free eBook (coming soon) • Buy booklet (coming soon)

Free PDF • Free eBook (coming soon) • Buy booklet (coming soon)


Led by Etienne P LeBel, we are a group of obsessed musicians on a MISSION to make the world's most user-friendly and addictive music products to help individuals play more music more often with more peopleKeep playin!

Our VISION is of a transformed world where a much larger chunk of the population can regularly enjoy the pleasures and social benefits of playing music.  Nourish your soul!

Our motivations to develop such products are driven by the numerous benefits of music to individuals (psychological, spiritual, cognitive, & physical) and society (social, social cohesion, & political).